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Digital Library

Thanks to voluntary funding from the people of the oil and natural gas industry, all producers and royalty owners can take advantage of SOER’s digital library for free! Click any title below to open the workbook and download it.

Advanced Plunger Lift
Artificial Lift in Vertical and Horizontal Wells

Tools, products and mechanism of gas and plunger lift and electrical submersible pump systems.

Asphaltene and Paraffin Problems
Back to Basics: Open and Cased Hole Logging
Diagnostic Well Management
Downhole and Beam Pump Optimization
Due Diligence: Acquisition of Oil and Gas Wells
ESPs in the Oil Field Part 1 – Function, Operation and Components

This workbook covers the history and evolution of the electric submersible pump (ESP) in the oil field and describes situations where ESPs are most useful. It also describes equipment associated with an ESP system and describes both function and operation of specific components. The workbook contains numerous detailed graphics, charts and pump curves with limited engineering information to help you calculate lift per stage. Critical vocabulary and key components are pictured and described.

Forms, Rules, Permits and Website Training with OCC and OTC

Everyone could use a little help understanding the forms, rules and regulations that affect the oil and natural gas industry in Oklahoma. This workbook includes instructions from both the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) and the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) about where to find, how to complete and when to submit some of the most common forms associated with operating an oil or gas well in the state. Topics include e-permitting, lease location and database searches with screen captures and step-by-step instructions on how to properly complete common forms, including those for UIC compliance. The Tax Commission has also included a list of their common forms with instructions on how to complete.

Fundamental Surface Production and Operations

Learn about the fundamentals of surface production equipment and its proper operation.

Improving Production Efficiency with Fluid Level Data
Lease Pumper’s Handbook

The Lease Pumper’s Handbook was written to assist in producing oil and natural gas from marginally producing wells.

Low-Cost Well Stimulation
Maximize Rod String Life Through Proper Handling and Care
Oil and Gas Measurement, Pricing and Hedging

VEGA Americas, Inc. presents on measurement devices and techniques, and Devo Capital Management presents on pricing and hedging options.

Packers and Bridge Plugs
Practical Applications of Bioremediation for the Small Operator

This workbook highlights simple and economical methods to mitigate small spills using local or on-hand resources. Oklahoma State University, BEACON Environmental Assistance Corporation and the Oklahoma Corporation Commission include presentations on when to report, how to contain, who to notify and what to do if you have new or old spills containing hydrocarbons or saltwater. The workbook covers basic chemistry and simple calculations that make finding the right solution accessible to the small operator.

Reducing Power Costs in Old Oil Fields
Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) and Air Regulations Update

Highlights of spill prevention, control and countermeasure (SPCC) rules, regulations and common violations as well as permitting information of air regulations in Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas.

Squeeze Cementing
Surface Production and Separation Equipment – Kimray/Cimarron

Kimray and Cimarron Energy partnered to present a workshop on the structure and function of common separation and production equipment. The workbook does not include instructional type material but does have many labeled diagrams.

Surface Production and Separation Equipment – Kimray/SFI

Kimray and Superior Fabrication, Inc. (SFI) have partnered for a detailed presentation that highlights different pieces of production and separation equipment used in the oil field. This workbook contains detailed diagrams of equipment, including two- and three-phase separators (horizontal and vertical), oil valves and heater treaters, and gives diagrammatic overviews of typical oil and gas wells.

Vapor Recovery Units and Wellhead Compression
Water Management: Sourcing, Permitting, Disposal and Reuse

Presented by three state agencies, this workshop will compare current water use to both historical and future projections of water use, production and disposal for the oil and gas industry in the state of Oklahoma. Dr. Kyle Murray from the Oklahoma Geological Survey will discuss how different regions of the state produce and dispose of water differently and evaluate how this has changed over time. Rob Singletary and Kent Wilkins from the Oklahoma Water Resources Board will discuss sourcing and permitting and touch on different laws affecting operators. Mike Moore and James Phelps from the Oklahoma Corporation Commission will walk through regulatory issues related to underground injection control (UIC), containment and compliance.

Operator Resources

Oil & Natural Gas 101 Video

Do you need a resource that offers introductory information on the oil and natural gas industry? Look no further – SOER has that covered! The Oil & Natural Gas 101 video, created by Oklahoma’s industry professionals and produced in Oklahoma, verbally explains and visually illustrates industry ideas and practices to be easily understood and put into action. This free video highlights ownership, geology, leases and negotiations, production and money. Watch the Video Here.

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Lease Pumper’s Handbook

The Lease Pumper’s Handbook was written to assist in producing oil and natural gas from marginally producing wells.

Download the Handbook Here.


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