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Throughout the year, SOER hosts valuable workshops for industry professionals. These workshops are currently being held via Zoom on a variety of industry-related topics.

Professional Development Hour (PDH) credits will be offered for all workshops.

Upcoming Workshops

Modern Solutions to SCADA Systems

The reliance on legacy SCADA systems can cost companies in terms of reduced productivity and long-term stability. This is often the case in the digital oilfield and it’s worth looking at modern solutions to solve common operational problems.

This workshop will demonstrate how adding a cloud-based data historian to an existing SCADA system can quickly enable operators to get more value out of their SCADA data. You will learn how operators can significantly reduce alarm notifications by having the ability to define specific complex alarm criteria. Demonstrations will show how every end user can have the ability to create their own data screens, graphs, reports, and configure their own API calls. End users like engineers, artificial lift techs, and marketers know what data they need and how they need it, they just need a system that is designed to empower their data use.

Total Workshop Cost: FREE
Date: June 6
Location: Zoom


Creating Value in Pressure/Production Depleted Wells

Taking a comprehensive approach to evaluate existing well conditions is the key to creating value in depleted wells. While selecting the most efficient artificial lift is important, one must assess other criteria including facility configuration, line pressure, meter run/orifice plate, and dump trim sizing. Anything that can create back pressure on the well and limit flow rate and productivity, must be taken into consideration. This workshop will identify and evaluate important data that determines which artificial lift types are best for individual wells.

A complimentary lunch will be available for those attending the workshop in-person.

Total Workshop Cost: FREE
Date: June 15
Location: Zoom or In Person


Air Reporting 101

Air emission regulations continue to evolve causing compliance to be time consuming, difficult, and frustrating. Never fear, Altamira will help you understand which regulations apply to you, including state and federal requirements. Join us to learn the latest on Federal Air Quality Regulations and Oklahoma and Texas Permitting Requirements.

Total Workshop Cost: FREE
Date: June 20
Location: Zoom


For more information on SOER workshops, please contact Tawnni Klaus at [email protected] or 405-601-2098.