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Throughout the year, SOER hosts valuable workshops for industry professionals. These workshops are currently being held via Zoom on a variety of industry-related topics.

Professional Development Hour (PDH) credits will be offered for all workshops.

Upcoming Workshops


As part of SOER’s mission to provide valuable educational resources for oil and natural gas producers and royalty owners, the committee has established PetroEd as its online learning database. This self-paced program will allow you to have access to as many courses as available until October 1 for only $30. Our curriculum will include relevant topics ranging from general petroleum to product operations.

Total Workshop Cost: $30
Date: October 1, 2020 – October 1, 2021
Location: Zoom
Schedule: On Own


For more information on SOER workshops, please contact Tawnni Klaus at [email protected] or 405-601-2098.